This is an alpha version. Grow with us.

ODB - alpha

Hey folks,

Please, let me explain a bit about the road to ODB.

My first approach was using indexedDB and P2P between browsers, and it didn't work as I would like. It needs a server, the data could be lost using indexedDB, and the experience wasn't what I was looking for.

Another idea I had in mind was using S3 as it is a de-facto standard. I thought about using the BYOS3 (Bring Your Own S3) concept. That way, everyone can add their API to the settings of the apps and own their data, but the Developer Experience isn't as smooth as it should be to reach what I had in mind.

There are other solutions like Airtable or Notion or many others, but they aren't developer-centric solutions.

I created a proof of concept close to Supabase or Xata, but it wasn't as basic and close to the developer's daily work as I would like. So, I decided to reduce features to more basic concepts, SQL queries and APIs, which is how ODB was born.

I always remember my days as a freelancer creating apps with WordPress, and I would love to have had a tool like ODB to build my websites.

I'm learning and improving my SQL skills with it. I hope it can help you too.

I'm confident that it will cover your basic needs as BaaS (Backend as a Service). Your creativity will be on top of the tool to create serverless apps.

The beauty of working on creating a basic concept is that there is plenty of space to build apps that cover other needs. I invite you to participate in the business using your creativity to develop apps and be paid for it.

Thanks for giving ODB a try!

Víctor García.